CombatFC 6 Is Coming February 9th

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CombatFC is back at the Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, Massachusetts on February 9th.  CombatFC 6 is main-evented by Nathan Ghareeb vs. Don Shainis but also features a grappling match between Rick Hawn and Leon Davis.  The event currently 10 MMA bouts and 2 grappling matches.  Tickets can be purchased at and the event will stream live on UFC FightPass.  The full fight lineup is below:

Nathan Ghareeb vs. Don Shainis – 145 lbs.

Josh Medeiros vs. Adrian Haly – 130 lbs.

John Douma vs. Matheus Silva – 135 lbs.

Carlos Lozoya vs. Chris Disonell – 135 lbs.

Leonardo Ladeira vs. Stephen Stengel – 170 lbs.

Kyle Hill vs. Sam Watford – 170 lbs.

Ramano Medina vs. Patrick Benson – 155 lbs.

Rick Hawn vs. Leon Davis – Pro Grappling

Nate LaMotte vs. Mike Zichelle – Pro Grappling

Jay Bakanowski vs. Tony Pike – 162 lbs.

Kashif Solarin vs. Jay Pressley – 135 lbs.

Dan Cormier vs. David Juliano – 125 lbs.

Whether you’re watching live in Wilmington, Mass. or on FightPass at home, get ready for the event with exclusive merch from Tee KO.  Fans can purchase CombatFC t-shirts and hoodies at or

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